8 innovative Uses for Mason containers (Warm Pancakes in a Jar, Do-it-yourself quick fix, plus!)

8 innovative Uses for Mason containers (Warm Pancakes in a Jar, Do-it-yourself quick fix, plus!)

Mason jars are not only for Grandmas and their homegrown pickles anymore! There are a lot special and adaptable uses for this classic cooking area solution. View my part on imaginative ways to use Mason containers….and specially when Marlon Wayans (best know for aˆ?White Chicksaˆ? and aˆ?Scary Movieaˆ?) had a scare of his or her own as he encountered the pleasures of sampling the well-known, south delicacy: cool, Uncooked Blueberry Pancakes in a Jar. Hey, it had been simply a prop, I happened to ben’t expecting one to in fact eat it!

1. Turn your own blender into a magic pill! Everyone loves the concept of the quick fix and it’s really ability to develop individualized smoothies centered on personal needs. But my 14-year-old blender still is live and throwing, and so I really don’t need certainly to (nor desire to) buy one most kitchen gadget to fill up valuable storage space.

Did you know a general mason jar can be used in place of the pitcher on most blenders? Yes, it certainly can! Most removable blade assemblies attach correct onto a small-mouth Mason container. I like to store many aˆ?smoothie productsaˆ? (i.e. a mix of proteins powder, ultra Seed, P2P, flax seed, etc.) in jars during my kitchen, then add free online dating site my favorite frozen fruits for a quick, single-serve smoothie. And since I am able to drink they directly from the jar, you can find much less foods to wash. That’s a WIN-WIN for me personally!

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2. Blueberry Pancakes in a Jar. On an active weekday early morning who wants to become caught flipping pancakes over a hot griddle? Perhaps not me! For this reason I LOVE this amazing time-saver having ready-to-cook person Blueberry Pancakes in a Jar. The kiddos can only grab a jar, take it within the microwave and morning meal try offered…all as long as you’re slowly moving up out of bed.

Foods 1 cup flour (I prefer whole-wheat pastry flour) 1 TB baking dust 2 TB sugar (or Stevia) 2 TB melted butter 3/4 cup dairy Blueberries (new or frozen)

Blend flour, baking powder, and glucose in limited pan, and whisk until merged. Carefully blend in melted margarine and dairy until blended. You shouldn’t over blend.

Shop instantly in refrigerator. When prepared consume, simply grab one, eliminate the cover, and cook in microwave oven (1 second for small containers, or 90 mere seconds for large jars). Top with hot syrup.And the good thing: it is possible to devour these straight out from the container. Which is COURSE with a capital aˆ?K,aˆ? ya’ll!

3. Make-ahead green salad in a Jar. Normally amazing to organize a few days in advance, store into the refrigerator and grab if you are oriented outside or simply want a quick meal at home. The main element would be to covering the hefty and wet formulation FIRST, and so the other products continue to be crisp and fresh. Discover a typical example of just how to coating your green salad:

1) BOTTOM aˆ“ dressing/liquid 2) Heavy ingredients which endure well when submerged in dressing aˆ“ kidney beans, cucumbers, radishes, onion 3) heavier items which you may not wish straight coming in contact with the dressing whenever put 4) Leafy greens/light things that take up many room aˆ“ spinach, kale, chard, arugula 5) a tiny bit of heavier accent stuff aˆ“ nuts, vegetables, dried fruit, croutons, accent herbs 6) very top aˆ“ colourful ingredients to perk up your tastebuds once you put available the container aˆ“ fruit, edible flowers, herbs

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4. Do-it-yourself Powdery Glucose Shaker. I love to sprinkle somewhat powdered sugar on french toast or brownies, but inevitably absolutely a massive mess that pursue each time I pull-out that crumpled case. In order to avoid that, we set some glasses in a Mason container, seize a lid, hammer and tiny tack complete. Generate a number of holes and…voila…you’ve had gotten your self a mess-free option to appreciate all of that white, powdery goodness!

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5. Foam milk without a frother. Don’t possess a fancy-schmancy espresso equipment with attached milk steamer? Don’t worry. Only complete a little container with a bit of dairy (at the most halfway) and move through to the whole milk possess doubled sizes. Pop off the cover and microwave oven the milk for 30 seconds.

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6. Do-it-yourself Meals Gifts Jars. Well, duh, this 1’s pretty self-explanatory, but i possibly couldn’t leave it aside. We have probably all obtained or given a aˆ?Cookie Mix in a Jar.aˆ? This season we provided ChexA® Muddy BuddiesA® Christmas Gift Jars. Check the tutorial here.

7. Store Bulk foodstuff When I get back from Sprouts, it’s my job to bring a number of big, synthetic handbags packed with lentils, quino and natural almonds. To keep affairs newly made into the kitchen, i personally use my handy-dandy KitchenAid professional Funnel to effortlessly fill the containers and save my personal bulk products in the shops. In my opinion my personal border-line OCD husband appreciates the effort, also.

8. frost Leftover Soups and Stews in containers. I understand most of us are making an effort to result in the turn from plastic to glass with regards to food storage space because recent research reports have linked chemical compounds like BPA, phthalates, and PFCs to health issues in people. Whenever feasible, i enjoy make use of jars for items I decide to put for long intervals. I’ll fill a jar with remaining soup, screw on cover, label it making use of a sharpie, and place they during the freezer. Definitely best refill to 2/3 stuffed with liquid to accommodate expansion otherwise the container may break.

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