The net flick databases (IMdB) claims that Paul try matchmaking model/actress James King

The net flick databases (IMdB) claims that Paul try matchmaking model/actress James King

Girl:Walker, exactly who resides on a sailboat along with his girl and two-year outdated girl, Meadow, also seems to have a vintage surfer’s casual personality your.

They going online dating throughout the group of Varsity Blues (she was a supplementary)

Courtesy for this info.: Paul are definitly not dating Tara Reid. She is going out with Heath Ledger (within days model people weekly) also Paul mentions in an interview with E! (about his new movie joyride) which he has actually a constant gf and she isnt during the busniess so he will best say that the woman first name try Michelle. Paul has been seen around with actress Tara Reid (United states Pie, Josie & The crotch kittens. formally engaged to Carson Daly) and two become reportedly matchmaking (9/). Listed here is a collage of images taken of those lately in Austrailia:

(7/2/01)owing to Cin with this information: „I thought I would personally tell you that within the es King is actually matchmaking an up-and-coming actor named Jake Gyllenhaal maybe not Paul. Anyhow I thought i might inform ya.” Note: IMdB has had that away from their site.(7/)

I enjoy take photographs

He had been dating satisfaction Ellis for a long time. She resides and goes toward college in Colorado. As far as I know they could still be along, but I read which they broke up. At the time of last summer these were however with each other, since this article introduction. displays:

„Paul, a surfer kid at heart, requires everything with a whole grain of sand. The athletic 27-year-old star has just breezed into an offbeat diner in L.A.,accompanied by satisfaction, a pretty blonde exactly who vanishes within a few minutes. Clothed in a T-shirt, interlock shorts and shoes, Paul appears like an off-duty US Eagle Outfitters product. He is friendly,but it is a fantastic summertime time therefore get the distinct effect that this south Ca born-and-raised dude prefer to do other circumstances besides this interview–like, state, browsing, creating his sports car or evaluating their limitations at some severe athletics.”

Their girl: the 1st time Paul talked-about his daughter, Meadow, was at Premiere magazine early in the day this year. Right here is the excerpt: „Aside from his two-year-old daughter (by an ex-girlfriend), however, Walker’s genuine desire is the surf.” Since that time, he’s also says this about getting a dad: „their constant movie time was Meadow, their 2 1/2-year-old girl. „Animated films are actually up my street,” stated Walker, which stays in L. A.. Yet this summer he’s seen „Shrek” and „Atlantis: The Lost Empire,” and then he provides them with both positive product reviews.”

„I’m into are a father, that is where my focus is actually quite often. I am an actor that’s my work, but it is perhaps not my entire life. You will find many some other hobbies as well. I’m into ceramics. „

Paul concerning Other Actresses: „[On dating actresses] I won’t cope with them. They frighten myself. I have came across certain We respect, like LeeLee Sobieski. I like Selma Blair a decent amount, also. Marley Shelton is truly sweet. On the surface, a good many ladies manage super-confident plus they bring by themselves like this. But, underneath, you see a person that’s actually vulnerable and insecure because this buisness puts group throught the ringer. Things they read about on their own actually hurt them. Personally I think for them, but We dont determine if i could handle all of them.”

Q: exactly what do you imagine whenever Leelee praised your nude human body in a Movieline interview after she done shooting Squelch to you? A: „I happened to be flattered- especially originating from Leelee. I prefer japan cupid the lady loads. From then on story arrived on the scene, we all of a sudden finished up doing reshoots for Squelch so there ended up being a bit of awkardness at first, but i went right-up to her and hugged the woman sayin’, „thank-you SOO A great deal!!” we thanked the girl perhaps numerous circumstances since it had been flattering. I enjoy their. Everythings inflated on her and that I hope she remains exactly how the woman is. She actually is have a great head on the woman arms.”

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