She feels like shes constantly doing just that – living in a fantasy

She feels like shes constantly doing just that – living in a fantasy

“How much wood could a wood chu chu if a-“ Edward cuts himself off, eyebrows furrowing a bit as e stumbles over his own words. Standing in the kitchen and admiring him watching his educational channel, Y/N and Harry laugh, his arms wrapped around her waist.

It seems almost too good to be true, that this perfect guy sent from the heavens, one anyone would be lucky to have, just walks into her life and makes her the happiest person she can be.

The oven dings and Y/N pulls out the muffins she put in half an hour ago. She pulls out the hot pan, the smell wafting through Harrys spacious flat, and sets it on the stove to cool.

“How did I get lucky enough to get a girl who knows how to cook?” Harry kisses at her shoulder. Hes been increasingly affectionate ever since the night before, practically inseparable from her all morning.

All three of them are content, basking in the glory of each others presences before theres a rather aggressive knock at the door.

“Ill get it.” Harry furrow his eyebrows. Usually the mail was delivered into his mailbox, and large packages were received with a phone call asking him to get it from the lobby where it was delivered.

When Harry swings open the door, he drops his coffee mug onto the mahogany flooring. His eyes widen, and both Edward and Y/N bring their gazes to the doorway.

“Harry.” The girl in the doorway spits back. Her brunette hair has highlights in it, skin almost flawless and glowy as she stands in the doorway. Her clothes look trendy and expensive, plucked right off of rodeo avenue in Los Angeles or something and she has venom laced into her words.

“What are you doing here?” She tries to step in and Harry widens the doorway so she does. She trudges in, arms crossed over her chest as her eyes scan across his flat.

“What do you mean what am I doing here?” She said as if Harrys stupid, “Im here to see my son.” She tells Harry as if its obvious. Y/Ns jaw drops open in surprise, she chokes on air and when she clears her throat, Georgia snaps her head over in her direction.

Instead, he marches over to her, lifting her chin up to look at him before seriously telling her, “You need to leave

“Whos this skank?” Georgia asks, looking at Y/N whos dressed in just a large t shirt and socks. She expects Harry to defend her, she doesnt know why but she does.

Packages that required signature would be delivered to his front door, but he hadnt ordered anything important enough to require a signature in a while

Y/Ns eyes almost pop out of her head, “Excuse me?” And from the corner of her eye she can see Edward staring at his educational show as Georgia makes herself comfortable next to him on the couch.

“You need to leave.” He says more urgently. He grabs at her wrist, hands being rougher than shed like, “Ill talk to you later, just, please.” He begs her. She feels a pain inside her chest, stomach knotting up as she tells herself she knew it was too good to be true.

“Why do I have to leave, Harry, im a part of your life now. I care bout you, im not going to leave you and Edward alone with-“

“Alone with his mother?” Harry gives her a pointed look. And hes right. She is his mother, as rude as Georgia seems its her blood coursing through Edwards veins and in any situation Y/N is the odd one out.

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