She giggles, pressing her face deeper into Harrys jacket

She giggles, pressing her face deeper into Harrys jacket

Reaching behind the counter, she grabs the small box with the cute little bow on it ( its usually used for sending cakes to formal events), and opens it, pulling out a strawberry cupcake with cream cheese frosting.

She hands it to him and he eagerly takes it from her grasp, dipping his head forwards to take a mouthful of the creamy frosting. A small splotch of whipped cream cheese on the tip of his nose. He attempts to lick it off with his tongue, but ultimately Y/N just reaches out and swipes it off with her finger, giggling at his childlike nature.

Just moments after, she unravels herself from him and turns to the empty display case in front of her

“I forgot how good these were.” Harry moans, only a bite of the cupcake left merely a minute after she gave it to him. She begins to close up shop, locking the doors to the kitchen and turning off all of the kitchen lights.

When she walks back out to the counter, she realizes that two more cupcakes from the box are gone, and her heart warms when she sees him finishing a brown cupcake, his other hand scrolling through his phone.

Y/Ns senses are flushed with the scent of his cologne and she takes a deeper whiff of the scarf before smiling, grabbing Harrys hand, and guiding him out into the cold London air

“Ready to go?” She asks, and he nods as he throws the last bite of his cupcake into his mouth.

“I really like the peanut butter ones. Are they new?” Y/N nods and Harry licks at the tip of his fingers, tasting the faint flavor of the dessert he so quickly devoured.

“Hey.” He grabs her small wrist, pulling her towards him as she shuffles forward a but, “Its cold outside. Youre gonna need this.”

He unwraps the scarf he had resting around his neck, and begins to bandage it around her small neck, her head seemingly drowning in the pool of fabric.

“Its kind of messy, sorry.” Y/N guides Harry into her flat. Its a bit cramped, her various band posters stuck to the walls with a rack of vinyls and a record player resting on the wall. It smells of the pine candle shes had, but never lit.

“No, its.” He takes his coat off, shrugging off the thick layers before hanging it loosely on the coat rack behind them, “It reminds me of you. I like it.”

Harry admires the traces of her around her living room. The stand of cupcakes on the table, the little picture frames with family photos in them. He particularly loves the David Bowie posters on her wall, adorning the white walls behind the TV.

He turns to face her, leaning forward, he loves the abrupt speeding up of her breath, the little nervous gestures she gives when he leans in. She properly beautiful, he thinks, as his hands grip the sides of her jaw and he molds his lips against hers.

Their lips press against each others softly, molding against each other in a rhythm one they know. Harry tastes the faint cherry chapstick shes put on and he deepens the kiss, pulling her even closer towards him so that his body is stark against hers.

He pulls her bottom lip into his mouth, sucking it into his lips as he nibbles at the soft skin. Y/N lets out a moan, a small one, but enough to make Harrys pants a bit tight. He groans, one hand lifting off of her face and onto her lower back.

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